A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players.

[Steve Jobs]

Mobile App Development

We are experts in the field of Mobile application programming and have a lot of experience accumulated through long working in iOS / Android / Cross-Platform Apps platforms with 100+ published applications

We understand that your application needs to be better than any competitor. Therefore we focus on product quality, user-friendliness, safety, and security. Our customers are satisfied with that

Web Development

The world of Web programming changes every hour, we are always at the forefront of updating technology, new knowledge and applying it to bring your Web site to customers as smoothly as possible

24/7 support in the standard model (Receiving requirements → UI / UX design → Prototype → Development → Quality Assurance → Support & Maintenance). Contact us for a FREE system design consultation


Are you a big company and have a huge project with insufficient QA manpower? You are a small project team, do not want to have more QA to increase operating costs? You can not test your application on all popular devices today?

We have the full solution and equipment for these problems. Minimize errors, increase customer retention rates, increase sales for you is our top priority

Growth Marketing

You have spent a lot of dedication, time, and money to build the Web platform, the application for your business, but the user did not receive it? The problem is probably the quality of the product or the marketing you did not properly

Our experts will conduct product and market analysis, come up with new marketing campaigns, points to improve on your current marketing strategy. Your customers are waiting, let us bring them to you


The team's currently implementing project areas


iOS development

iOS is mobile platforms with billions of users around the world. Programming iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch in popular languages like Objective-C / Swift / React Native is our strength


Android development

Android has never stopped growing with Google. Java / Kotlin is our main language of choice for making 100+ applications exist and develop on the Google Play Store


React Native development

Born from the laboratory of Facebook and extremely powerful. Bringing short development time. Quickly bring MVP products to the market to receive customer feedback


Flutter development

A direct competitor to React Native in Cross-Platform Apps platforms. It is very fast, beautiful interface, smooth, easy to maintain, low cost with maximum support from Google


PHP development

We've developed Web Service with PHP in many countries, large systems with huge Database. Contact for free system advice, UI / UX design, development, get the ideas on Web


ReactJS / VueJS / Angular

What customers see first is the UI Interface, where you can count on giving us the biggest responsibility: "make a good and strong impression on your customers".


Core, Automation, Performance Testing

Functional Testing, Mobile App Testing, System Testing, Mobile App test automation, Web App test automationLoad Testing, Stress Testing, Performance Testing Report


With a lot of Trending technology

Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), Intelligent Apps (I – Apps), ...

Our Team


We established in 2018 as a young team. Over 3+ years of being involved in 100+ large and small projects that have honed us into experts in our field.

In order to survive and stand up to the fierce competition of large companies, we have always been up to date, always transformed and fought fiercely.

The great achievement over time that our 10+ staff has received is the satisfaction of our customers, who are looking for the best associates for their ideas, just like you.

Create the most competitive applications for customers

① Understand customers, their services, their business

② Provide customers with the best service, on time, without errors at the best cost

③ 24/7 maintenance support, prompt reply to any message of the customer